Rickmansworth festival fun🎷🎸🎺🎻🎼🎤🎹

Last Tuesday, a group of children from key stage two went to clement Danes school to perform in a music concert consisting of a choir, orchestra and a brass band. It was great fun and everybody enjoyed it massively!

First up was the orchestra , which performed Jupiter from the planets suite and radestky March. It sounded great.

The brass band walked on next . They played many excellent pieces consisting of,

  • La Bamba
  • I wanna hold your hand,
  • And best of all, imperial march.

The choir performed last. They were fabulous. The theme was happiness and wellbeing. We performed pop, gospel, and folk songs.

It was an entertaining evening and the audience loved it!

Perfect Parodies

In year six we have been writing parodies of well known fairy tales. We read a book called ‘Eco Wolf and the Three Pigs’ ,which was a parody of ‘The Three Little Pigs’ ,which inspired us to write our own. We used stories, such as: ‘Little Red Riding’ and ‘Cinderella’, which we renamed ‘Little Red Riding Wolf’ and ‘Cindersmella’. Our parodies could go up to 7 pages of writing and some people are still carrying on with them. We also made a back cover with a blurb and Illustrated it by far everyone thought this was the best bit and some people were awarded merits! 


School disco!

On Thursday 2nd February Harvey road held a school disco. We had a very good time and a GROOVY dj .Most of 

the boys danced surprisingly! Overall we had a great and fun time!!!!!!!!!! 

By joe and Ben 

Science investigation on microbes (mould)!

In science we have been learning about microbes (micro-organisms) . We have done an investigation on which is the optimum environment for mould (rhizopus stolonifer) to grow (on bread)and how much will grow over 2 weeks. So which is it? Well, we picked four environments (rooms) the four rooms were, changing rooms at 30 degrees Celsius, classroom at 24 degrees Celsius, fridge at 4 degrees Celsius and freezer at-18 degrees Celsius. And yes you guessed it the changing rooms came first and got the most mould at 3346 mm2, the classroom came second with 846 mm2, fridge came third with 2 mm2 of mould and freezer came last with 0 mm2 and it wasn’t even stale!!!

Did it test what we wanted to test… Yes. Was it a valid test… Yes. So, it was a successful test!

Exciting Mayan art



We have been doing some Mayan art with chalk pastels. We worked our socks off and they turned out to look amazing. We had to make sure they had at least one line of symmetry and at least one Mayan symbol. We are very proud of all our Mayan artwork and we are excited to put them on display!

By Beth & Katie