We worked with other year 6’s from other schools to teach them some fun playground games to years 1 and 2.

Science workshop ✏️✏️📚📚🔭🔬

A couple of weeks ago, three year six pupils, and 2 year 5 pupils went St Anthony’s primary school to do a science workshop. We learnt about the science behind superheroes. Firstly, we learnt about Spider-Man, and how his webs work like pendulum. We also found out about a rubber ball man. The man told us how footballs that hit the cross bar usually bounce out the goal.⚽️ We found a formula to find how high the bouncy ball we were given bounced after dropped from a certain height. We had a great time.😃🔭🔬

By Harriet

Perfect Parodies

In year six we have been writing parodies of well known fairy tales. We read a book called ‘Eco Wolf and the Three Pigs’ ,which was a parody of ‘The Three Little Pigs’ ,which inspired us to write our own. We used stories, such as: ‘Little Red Riding’ and ‘Cinderella’, which we renamed ‘Little Red Riding Wolf’ and ‘Cindersmella’. Our parodies could go up to 7 pages of writing and some people are still carrying on with them. We also made a back cover with a blurb and Illustrated it by far everyone thought this was the best bit and some people were awarded merits!