PSHE Self-Esteem advice

1. Do some exercise

2. Hug!

3. Talk to friends/ family – someone you trust

4. Take some time for yourself

5. Hobbies

6. Write down your thoughts

7. Set a goal

8. Think positively

9. Spend time with people who encourage you and make you smile

10. Persevere

11. Eat healthily but treat yourself

12. Sleep!

Class 6 did a vote to see which advise they found most important. No. 5 won with 12 votes.  By Alice and Meaghan


New Year

At the start of the Spring Term the class started a New Year’s resolutions sheet. And we wrote down our new years revelation’s and what goals we achieved last year. And wrote the best thing about last year, and if we could do one thing again it would be to go to P.G.L because I found it really fun. 

Happy New Year!!!

By Lewishappy-new-year-wallpapers

Banana Loaf

Chocolate-Chip-Banana-Breadclass 6 made banana loaf a couple of months ago. I liked the way the bread melted in your mouth and the chocolate was nice and warm. It was very easy to make These are some of  the ingredients: chocolate chips, banana’s [crushed] flower, butter, hot water and yeast.

by Taylor

Banana Loaf


mmmmmm… delicious


About 3 months ago class 6 made banana loaf. It was very yummy and fun to make. Unfortunately, not everyone enjoyed it as much as others did. But we all managed to make them and all of them looked great.

By Caleb 

Here is a picture of the finished product


Littering Affects Marine Animals

don't be...

100,000 marine animals are killed each year. Plastic can harm animals and give them serious illnesses. Over seven billion tons of litter enters the ocean every year. By 2050 there will be more rubbish in the ocean then fish. You can help this by: reusing plastic and bags, donate money to charities that help marine animals, recycle plastic, and other things. Remember DO NOT LITTER otherwise innocent animals will die!

marine litter

This is a seal getting stuck in litter and might begin getting strangled and die.

By Vicky

Making Christingles

We were fortunate to have Mr Jones in to teach us about Christingles. He explained all of the different features of a Christingle and what they represent. We all had great fun making the Christingles ourselves. We learnt that the orange stands for the World, the cocktail sticks stands for the 4 seasons, the red tape stands for Jesus’ blood, the candle means that Jesus is the light of the World and the sweets mean that Jesus is sweet. Thank you Mr Jones!

Deco day! :)



On the 29 of November Year 6 had their deco day.

On deco day year 6 did lots of things including make cards for the R.A.F as most, of their personnel  would not be home at Christmas time to make them feel better. We also made decorations out of clay ahead of the Christmas fair.

Mrs Telfer got us to make some paper chanes to make the classroom Christmassy as year six would be a small cafeteria!



Here are the clay decorations before they are painted!



Post by Robert