The Conquistador Calamity

This is a piece of work about the Mayans (our History project) that I am proud of.

Dear diary,

It’s the 22nd of November, 1551 and today me and my Spanish Conquistadors ventured out on a courageous expedition to explore the vast surroundings of South America…

Exhausted from our battles we adventured into the jungles as the exotic birds sang their mesmerizing songs. We were all feeling fearless and tough but nevertheless nervous. As I was walking I tripped on an abnormally large jungle tree stump and fell, brutally gashing my knee on a sharp rock. I then fell through a tall shrub…

There it was. It was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen, a gargantuan sandstone-coloured stone pyramid, It was so grand and majestic, almighty and bold. Suddenly, we heard a cry – a battle cry. We slowly tip- toed up the hundreds of stairs slightly afraid. The temple had a breath-taking structure. Soon questions came flooding into my mind. How did they make these? Who made these?

Then a strangely dressed man in minimal clothing came out of the temple with a murderous face. He spoke bad Spanish and bellowed orders which were hard to translate. Just in time I figured out what he said -KILL THEM. Abruptly, two tall men chased after us at immense speed. Soon, we were out of there…

That is why I never went back there again. EVER!

Adios Amigos,

Miguel Santos.


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