School Football Match

nike football for blog

The football that we used in the match



On Thursday 7th December 10 players from Years 5 and 6 were  selected to play a football match against Ricky Park . I was lucky enough to be captain in this very hard match. Throughout the match we played well but at half time we were losing 2-0. None of us players were happy with the score but Mrs Telfer inspired us to come back in the second half.

After a great strike from Liam found the bottom corner, we truly believed. With ten minutes left our defensive cleared the ball and I managed to shoot but the keeper saved it, luckily the ball went straight to Logan who scored. After a great save from Jamie in the last minute the referee blew her whistle. It ended 2-2. One of the reasons we managed to come back is, our wonderful crowd cheered us on in the second half. This crowd was lead by :Harry, Charlie S and  Mr Rowlands .

By Fin


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