Deco day

On Wednesday 29th of November 2017 it was deco day the 3rd best day of the year. The 1st and 2nd best days are Christmas (is the first) and Easter (is the 2nd).

first the we made cards for the RAF I did the RAF symbol but as a Christmas pudding! one of my friends made a RAF plane trying to get Santa out of a chimney and my other friends made the same as me (they made the RAF symbol but as a Christmas pudding).

the next thing I did was to make another card but not for the RAF it was going to be a card that my teacher would put up on the wall in are class room. I couldn’t find anything to draw on to my card. But then I looked at my friends work and I saw he was making a snow man and I thought why don’t I draw a snow man on to my pace of card. So I made a snow man. My snow man had a scarf, top hat and a carrot for his noise.

After that I made another drawing and it was out of card, again and it was lots and lots of fairy lights it wasn’t hard to make them but it did take quite a while.

Next I made a snow man out of clay and I did need a model to shape it. the model was green look liked a snow man and the hat would never come out. Ones I made that my friend tried to make a snow man out of clay. But failed horribly by getting the clay stuck in the snow man.

Finally I showed my teacher my art work and she told me to make the most hardest pace of art work I had ever done… draw a robin. It was very hard and I had to restart a lot of times but after about 20 or 30 mins I finally did it and it looked amazing. But I did not draw their red body’s because I put red buttons on their chest so it looked cool.


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