For our Geography lessons we were studying biomes. If you’re wondering what a biome is here are all the biomes we were studying : Taiga, Tundra, Deciduous Forest, grassland, dessert, Tropical/Temperate Rainforest, Scrub Forest.

We chose 6 of them in different places in the school. We put 2 in the courtyard, 3 in the girls changing rooms, and 1 in the freezer. Class 6 decided to put them in these different rooms because they had different temperatures. the courtyard was our usual English weather (rain and the sun). The freezer was very cold (-10). Girls changing rooms was nice and warm (20) degrease.

Lots happened, some grew nice leaves and some not so good! My group did the Deciduous Forest and so did the other team (group) there’s went  great but ours not so well! The aim of the task was to see how much grass/cress could grow on our soil.

Unfortunately, our group didn’t grow as we expected. Grass grew! but only on one side. Oh well maybe next years Year 6 will make the same mistake? Live in the present. The past is behind us! Let’s wait for the future!




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