Global Warming

This blog post is about global warming and proved quite difficult to put together but eventually came to life. We hope that this will enlighten you about how, by causing global warming, we are killing the world and what we can do to stop this. By Zoe and Erin, class 6.

The Arctic…

The Arctic is a crucial biome for lots of reasons. It helps keep our world’s climate balanced. Here are a few facts about the Arctic…

Unlike the Antarctic, which is an icy land surrounded by sea, the Arctic is an icy sea surrounded by land.

The Arctic may seem a bit cold and wet for some of us, but it is home to around four million people (even including indigenous communities) spread across eight different countries!

The climate in the arctic is changing, permafrost is melting, glaciers are receding and sea ice is disappearing! Polar bears only live in the arctic and because of global warming some of them are having to swim long distances to find food. Also, because of global warming seals (one of their main foods) are dying out because they can’t get up to the surface to breathe properly because there is less sea ice.

Female polar bears give birth and hunt on sea ice; they need it to travel from one area of the Arctic to another. In the spring, the survival of Polar bear mothers and cubs depends on the mothers’ success in hunting, which depends on the stability of the Arctic’s sea ice. Less sea ice means that female Polar bears have to go without food for longer than they are used to. This causes an impact on their fat stores/supplies and their reproductive success.

Earth’s Polar Regions…

Earth’s Polar Regions, also known as Earth’s frigid zones, are the regions of Earth surrounding its geographical poles. They are particularly sensitive to little rises in the annual average temperature. Sometimes, they are referred to as ‘the canary in the coalmine’ because they show changes long before they are seen anywhere else in the entire world! The annual air temperature of the Antarctic Peninsula has increased by almost 3˚C in the region over the last 50 years! This causes Polar bears and other animals in the Arctic and Antarctic to become stranded in the sea with only the ice they are standing on becoming smaller and smaller every day along with their home becoming farther and farther away from them! So, let us ask you… how would you feel if this happened to you… how WOULD you feel?



Polar bears stranded on an iceberg drifting out to sea… poor polar bears! 😦


 What we can do to help…

We can stop using our cars on short journeys and walk to places that are a short distance away instead of driving there. Even though driving is faster it pollutes the air and helps cause global warming whereas if you walk it helps to keep you fit, strong and healthy. Also, we could have more Redwood trees/forests in our parks because they help keep our air clean by removing carbon dioxide.

Other facts about Redwood trees are: Ancient Redwood forests store at least three times more carbon above ground than any other forests on Earth and six fast-growing Redwoods are able to take in the same amount of carbon that is produced by driving an average car for one whole year!

So you see, there are ways to help stop global warming staying in your local community doing little things for a big purpose. If you want to help more then contact or visit these websites that are shown under this paragraph and sign up to help one or more of them.

Protect Our Winters.UK

Spring Call

For more information on what you can do at home, go to

How to Stop Global Warming, Solutions to Prevent global Warming│NRDC

If you do this, we may be able to stop global warming once and for all!

By Zoe and Erin, class 6.


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