Biome research, how we affect our wildlife.

This is what I found out

Road Kill

Road kill is a big threat as in the US there are estimated to be 1 million animals killed a day. There are estimated to be 350,000-27,000,000 killed a year on European roads. Road kill has made an end to more animals than poaching, deforestation or even pollution. Even in places like Brazil there are around 475,000,000 killed a year that’s around 15 a second!

There was a study and in some countries and some animals were run over where tires didn’t normally go over so they did an experiment with a fake reptile and some drivers were observed to be speeding up and lining their tires up to drive over it. On a happier note, some drivers stopped their cars to see if it was ok.

What can be done?

In some places they are painting animals with florescent paint to avoid road kill and others are putting lights on deer’s antlers! Now if a new road is built there are tunnels under the road to save animals like in these pictures, there are also bird crossings made of rope or wire mesh. There are electronic sensors that sound alarms and power up lights to alert drivers of animal presence.bird bridgesanimal tunnel

How can you help?

To stop road kill we need you to help!we need you sign

To help with road kill we can honk our horn at the animals to put them off running into the road or maybe flick our headlights momentarily to full beam to break the trance they may be in. Or even just having an animal rescue kit in your car, in the pack will be some numbers for animal rehabilitation centres or maybe a vet to patch up the animal and, finally, a few carriers for the animals so they sustain no further damage during transportation. Also you can even move the animal or call local team to come and pick it up.

Entry by Robert


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