In class I have leant about marine animals and how they have been affected

We need to stop littering around the world, it is killing thousands.

How does litter affect the animals in the ocean?

In August 2000 when vets performed an autopsy on a dead whale near Cairns, Australia, it revealed that its stomach was tightly packed with not food but six square metres [that’s almost 200 square feet] of plastic rubbish, including supermarket bags, food packages, and fragments of rubbish bags. Over seven billion tonnes of litter enters the ocean every year but it takes is a mystery. Most of our waste consists of everyday items such as bottles, wrappers, straws or bags. Yet the vast majority of debris found floating far offshore is much smaller than its broken-down fragments which are smaller than your pinky fingernail. Large marine animals such as seals and dolphins can starve to death when muzzled by Plastic litter like bear can holders. According to the WWF, 100,000 marine animals are killed by plastic rubbish each year around the world. If we don’t do something more marine animals will die.

What can be done to stop the damage of litter in the ocean?

To stop killing marine animals we could recycle hard plastic like the ones chicken and grapes come in. If we do this we could save more than a thousand animals that were not meant to die in this way. So many people just through anything away not caring what it is or if it actually can be recycled. Another way is that you can re-use things again like plastic bags, plastic bottles etc.

By Holly Emily Webb


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