Overfishing, it is such an issue that by 2048 there will be no more seafood in the ocean for humans. It usually takes place in the African oceans around Gambia on the west coast of Africa near Banjul. More than 85% of the world’s fisheries have been bought and exploited from overfishing. Many fishers are aware of the need to safeguard fish populations and the environment although illegal fishing and other problems still exist. Target fishing of top predators such as tuna and groupers, is changing multiple marine communities and damaging the food chain and eco system. There are many charities that work to try and limit the amount of exploited fisheries around the world. One of the charities is WWF who work with stake holders to reform fisheries management globally.  THINK Next time you eat fish and chips think of the fish. It was probably a victim of overfishing.    This is the symbol for sustainable fishing Next time you buy fish look for this Symbol on the packet.   This is what overfishing looks like.


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