Our Henri Rousseau Fact file

Lots of litter in the ocean

How much litter is in the world’s oceans?

There are 5.25trillion pieces of plastic debris in the world’s oceans and 269,000 tonnes of it floats on the ocean surface. There are also 18,000 pieces of litter floating on the surface of every square kilometre of the ocean. Do you litter in the ocean?

How many marine animals are killed every year in the world?

100,000 marine animals-including turtles, whales and dolphins-are killed every year in the world. This could have been because of you littering. Stop littering.

How does litter effect the animals in the oceans?

There is 7 billion annual tonnes of plastic [the weight of 1,000,000 elephants] in the ocean. The litter harms the animals because they eat it and choke on it. Can you stop this?


By designating large parts of the world’s oceans as marine reserves and banning industrial fishing, fish stocks are able to recover and ecosystems thrive. We can re-use bottles, cups, plastic bags and lots of other stuff. Also, we can try to avoid over-packaging as most of it ends up in the ocean. For more on this go to, https://thankyouocean.org/threats/marine-debris/.

The last thing we can do is recycle plastics as they take hundreds of years to de-compose in the ocean. Will you help stop this?

How does litter get in the ocean?

Small pieces of rubbish get in the ocean from storm drains from water pulling it in. That then leads to the ocean. Another way litter gets into the ocean is through streams, lakes and canals. Lots of litter is dropped into lakes and streams from picnics and canals from boats. All of these end up in the ocean, and so does the litter. The penultimate way is fishing boats. Fishing boats drop litter such as, fishing gear, food waste, fish guts and nets. The last way litter could get in the ocean is from factories and manufacturers dropping them into land-fills near the ocean and it getting blown over by strong winds and hurricanes. Have you ever littered in the ocean?

What do turtles do with the plastic?

Turtles eat the plastic! It messes with their digestion system and leaves them feeling very ill. They can also be suffocated and strangled by it. This could have been because of you. 

Will you join the campaign to stop all of the littering in the ocean world’s oceans?#

By Luke Crooks and Jamie Sewell Year 6






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