Marine Biome work

This is Neve and Sara’s marine biome  documentary on how humans affect the ocean.

!Save The Ocean!

The ocean is a large area of space that is filled with water. It is home to all sorts of wildlife including: turtles, sea mammals, fish and other creatures.

What are the environmental threats?

  • Climate change-it is a big threat to both humans and wildlife because it causes floods and swamps the coastlines and it gathers litter into the oceans. That is a hazard to all sea creatures.
  • Litter and debris-this is one of the biggest issues in the ocean. As ocean wildlife eat plastic, you may well find it appears on your dinner plate. More than 1200 species are impacted by litter; they can be choked poisoned or trapped by it

Case study

American scientist found out that the lantern fish had eaten lots of plastic fragments, so it got really choked up died on the Los Angeles beach.

What can we do to stop the damage?

The key things to prevent the damage in the ocean are:

  • Don’t litter! Littering causes a great deal of damage, and even if you’re not near the ocean still put it in the bin for you never know where it will go. Have you ever littered?
  • Sustain your seafood dinners! Even if you’re a seafood lover, try not to eat too much. Some seafood is not recommended to eat because they may have consumed harmful chemicals or litter.
  • Lead a clean-up! If you’re one of those “get dirty” types then take charge and help clean up any litter. To get involved, visit this link:

Take action!

Thousands of marine animals die every year around the world. Over 1 million seabirds, 300,000 dolphins and porpoises and 100,000 sea mammals. Were you one of those people who dropped litter? Every day people drop litter not knowing where that will lead. Help save the marine biomes by making sure your daily crisp packet goes in the bin! It’s time for the world to step up otherwise there may not be any more sea food around! Would you want that?

marine animal litter thingy

please help all these poor animals by using the link from somewhere above 🙂


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