How To Protect Biomes

Melting Ice

In the Antarctic the ice is melting because when we use our cars or throw rubbish in the sea it travels to the Antarctic then it makes the sea warmer. Also the animals like polar bears, need the ice so they can survive.

Why Polar Bears need ice

Polar Bears need ice because if they can’t find any ice then they will not have a home so they would die (they will drown). They also need ice so they can: breed, rest and dry off. Also if they don’t have any ice they will not be able to catch their prey. Furthermore if all the ice melts, the Polar Bears will be stranded then eventually they would be extinct.

How many polar bears Die in a year and where

The amount of Polar Bears that die in a year is 500 to 600 and they all die because of the garbage in the sea that travels to them. The common locations for Polar Bears to die is: the Arctic, Russia and Canada.

What you could do to help


We could have solar powered electricity so it doesn’t pollute the world and melt the ice. On top of that we could have electric powered cars so we don’t pollute the water in the Arctic and so the ice doesn’t melt for the Polar Bears. Also make solar powered boats to get to the Antarctic and help the Polar Bears.

           Also if you do not help there might not be a tomorrow.

By Charlie McCarthy and Aaron Storr.








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