disappointing facts

Did you know?

Every 2 seconds man destroys a piece of land the size of a football field and despite of that 80 percent of the worlds forests are already destroyed .

80,000 acres of forest disappear every day and only twenty percent of forests in the world are actually protected!

46-58 thousand square miles are lost every year- that is the same as 36 footie fields every minute!-

Devastatingly 28 000 species are expected to become extinct by the next 25 years due to deforestation how awful is that?

50 % of all animal species in the world live in rainforests that is why so many animals are to become extinct.

­700 pounds of paper are used by the average citicen are used every year and

The US has less than 5%of the worlds population yet it uses more than 30% of the worlds paper!



How we can help

  1. Begin by planting a tree. That’s the sum of the domestic campaign so far. Soon, all the neighbours will be carbon copies of each other.
  2.  Stop printing and go paperless. Whether at home or at work, many of us have that lazy nasty habit of not   learning to utilize computer files and folders properly. So instead , we print. And you know what; many of us do this when we think others are not looking
  3.  When shopping, move towards buying recycled products . most recycled items do not decompose ! DON’T WASTE PAPER! 
  4. If you scrunch up your paper and then throw it in the bin when you make a mistake you could have killed a tree. you don’t need paper! Take a pic if you want something to show a friend or relative and keep it digital and show it on your phone or camera.
  5. by Charlie.s

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