Don’t trash where they splash


Each year 100,000 marine animals get killed due to plastic debris such as: turtles, dolphins, whales and so much more. We are the reason for this.

Plastic is the most common man made thing in the ocean. There are 18,000 pieces of litter in the ocean for every square kilometre of the world’s oceans.


A turtle called Angel has been tracked by a satellite. She has travelled up the coast of Costa Rica and Nicaragua. This turtle has travelled an estimate of 1,269 miles. If you want to find out more go to: Https://conserveturtles.orgtrackingmap/?12=185



To help these animals do these 3 simple steps:


  • Throw your rubbish in the bin!
  • Recycle all your recyclable plastic.
  • Don’t throw rubbish in the ocean.



Every year large amounts of litter enter the ocean. As plastic is very durable so it takes a long time to break down and disintegrate. Due to plastic being durable the waste rate in the ocean is increasing rapidly.


Where does litter come from?

Take a stroll along a beach after a storm and you will get a taste of how much litter is in the world’s oceans. This scene is the same all over the world our oceans are full of garbage and litter.



How long it takes for things in the ocean to break down.

Paper towels 2-4 weeks

Newspapers 6 weeks

Cotton ropes 1-5 months

Apple cores/cardboard boxes 2 months

Waxed milk cartons 3 months

Plywood 1-3 years

Wool socks 1-20 years

Tin cans/foamed plastic cups 50 years

Aluminium cans 200 years

Plastic beverage holders 400 years

Disposable nappies or diapers/plastic bottles 400 years

Fishing line 600 years


Presented by

                       Evie Rowley


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