Marine Global Warming

This is an insight into what is happening in the Oceans.

A small 2 degrees rise in Antarctica will increase the chances of extinction for 30% of animals. Also aquatic food chains will collapse and disappear. We cause this by releasing warm gases to power our everyday lives. High water temperatures caused by global warming can kill coral this is called coral bleaching. Lots of species in the water area of Antarctica can lose their habitats due to higher water temperatures. Glaciers and polar ice caps affected by global warming can melt and can cause sea levels to rise by 69cm over the next 100 years.

Acidic Oceans

By releasing carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that we use for our human activities the oceans are becoming acidic. If it wasn’t for our oceans absorbing most of the carbon dioxide the level of CO2 would be much higher in the atmosphere. If this continues it could become harder to breathe for most gilled marine animals because all of the crucial oxygen would have dissolved because of the acidic water.

Fishing in the marine environment

Every year 300,000 small whales and dolphins, 100 million plus sharks and 250,000 loggerhead and leatherback turtles are killed because of overfishing and are usually eaten for food.

How can we help?

To help global warming people have decided that everyone will have an electric car by 2042 to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases that are being released. As well as that, we can use solar panels and wind farms to decrease the amount of coals and oils as this will produce less CO2.

This is a graph to show the amount of fish killed every year.Image result for graph to show overfishing

By Miles and Caleb














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