Harvey Road v Little Green football match report.

Yesterday, Harvey Road’s  year 5 & 6 football team faced a worthy opponent in Little Green. The match started well for us, with Sam slotting home with a tap in and then scoring in the bottom corner minutes later. Before the end of the first half, Little Green smashed a shot in to the bottom corner and slotted in a one on one against Adam.

Again, we started well in the second half, with James latching on to a long punt from our keeper and rounding the other keeper to score into an empty net. Not long after, Little Green again equalised, with a deflected shot into the bottom corner. Swiftly replying, we managed to work the ball to Jonty, almost on the halfway line, who hit and hoped with a volley, which dipped and swerved over the keeper, to make it 4-3 to Harvey Road

The team was: Ollie in goal, Adam and Jack at centre-back, Jonty, Sam and Miles in midfield and James at striker. The subs(Evan, Fin and Monty) also made a huge contribution, solidifying our defence in the second half.

Happy High Fives

On Thursday the 24th November, a group of children (8 to be precise) travelled to
The Royal Masonic School for girls to play our first high fives match.

We were all so nervous, but when we got there we were all raring
to go!

Toot! The first quarter had begun with Jonty as centre. Royal Masonic were 
excellent however we would still win. By the first quarter we were ahead
but just by one goal (scored by Emma).

In the 2nd quarter ( Isla was centre ) we were uplifted. We scored one
goal but then disaster struck. RMS had made there way up the pitch
and scored. We were down hearted. And a second goal was scored.2-2

In the 3rd and 4th quarter, we came back with our heads held high. We had to make
a come back. And so we did, with Zoe as centre in the 3rd and Carys as centre
in the 4th. We won with an amazing 7 goals to 3. We were ecstatic! We hadn't 
won against Royal Masonic in three years. This was a real 
triumph for Harvey Road School!

By Carys and Emma

Pyjama Day👕👖

On Friday the 4th of November, we had a pyjama day.Class 6 were very excited coming in wearing comfy clothes. The reason we came in our pyjamas/comfy clothes was: Every one had to bring in one pound, or more! To donate to Roko 20 academy in Kenya.  After this exciting day our school raised a massive £243 which is a huge donation!

By Isobel & Harriet!


Year 6-Mufti day

In year 6 we have enjoyed our mufti day. We had to bring in a bottle of beer or wine and a bar of chocolate for our Christmas fair on the 3rd of December. It’s nice now and then to wear your own comfy clothes instead of the daily school uniform. We had lots of fun. Here are some photos of us having lots of fun.

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By Freya and Sam

Cooking at Rickmansworth!

Everyone in year 6 went to Rickmansworth School to do DT or food tec. Half of the class did food tec this week. The first week we made pancakes the next week we made cheese scones and our third and final week we made jam tarts! Overall it was so much fun and everything was yummy.

By Isla and Beth

Silly Chilli

On Thursday the 17th of November, class 6 created charming chilli – well, some of us! For instance, most of the groups added far too much chilli powder or a few too many tomatoes! Ollie probably had the most embarrassing accident as, while shaking salt into his mixture, the lid came off! I think you can guess what happened! although these calamities took place, we all had sooooo much fun. When we got home, I think a couple of fires were set off in our mouths…

Overall, it was very tasty and learnt a lot of skills for later in our life.

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by Zoe & James  ;0


DT at Rickmansworth School

For the past 3 weeks Year 6 have been going to Rickmansworth School to do DT. Half did food tech and the we did DT. We were making jigsaws of different things.

The first day we got there and on put our aprons. After that the teacher, Miss Stubbs partnered us with the Year 10s. Then we picked a shape and started cutting  it out and used it as a template and drew it on a piece of wood. When had finished cutting them out, we started sanding out shapes.

The second day we got with our partners from the last week and carried on with our jigsaws. Some of us got to start painting it and the some others of us got to start cutting out the pieces.

On the last day we finished our shapes. The rest of us finished painting and cutting out our jigsaw pieces. While people were waiting for their pieces to dry Miss Stubbs gave us a piece of plastic and we made key rings with a column drill.

We used a : fret saw, coping saw, drill , disk sander and file.

We all really enjoyed it and we are very proud of them. Next week we will be going to Food Tech, and we are looking forward to it.


By Harry and Ella