Summer Reading challenge

The library ladies from Croxley Green came to assembly to tell us about the summer reading challenge. The challenge is to read 6 books over the school holidays.  You get smelly stickers to add to your wallet to help solve the mystery of the animal agents. Children who complete the challenge will receive a wristband and get invited to a presentation ceremony where you will get a medal.

Have you got a library card? The library service is free to join and it allows you to use all the libraries across Hertfordshire.

Check out the video on our Book Blog to find out more!


Music Festival

Last week we took part in a music festival to share some of our favourite pieces of music that we have learnt with our teachers this year. We loved performing in front of the school and our parents!

In case you missed it, here are some videos of our performances.

Wear a hat day!

On the 31st of March Elodie and Esha ,in year 3, set up a wear a hat day to raise money for Brain Tuma. Everybody had lots of different hats ranging from Easter bonnets to sparkly party hats!


In year six we made mini biomes in plastic bottles.we created the biome out of stones, soil and put little seeds in the small holes we made. Then we put the biomes into the places we have chose which were freezing cold freezer, the warm radiator(by the windowsill,outside(quite windy)girls changing rooms. The biomes were the desert, tundra, taiga,Savannah ,rainforest,Decidious forest. The rainforest and the Decidious forest thrived. After that we put them in the places we put them in places we thought they would grow the best.


by James and Joe


We worked with other year 6’s from other schools to teach them some fun playground games to years 1 and 2.

Science workshop ✏️✏️📚📚🔭🔬

A couple of weeks ago, three year six pupils, and 2 year 5 pupils went St Anthony’s primary school to do a science workshop. We learnt about the science behind superheroes. Firstly, we learnt about Spider-Man, and how his webs work like pendulum. We also found out about a rubber ball man. The man told us how footballs that hit the cross bar usually bounce out the goal.⚽️ We found a formula to find how high the bouncy ball we were given bounced after dropped from a certain height. We had a great time.😃🔭🔬

By Harriet