Disco and Beach


Royal wedding

On Friday the 18th of May Class 6 celebrated The Royal wedding by wearing red, white and blue to represent the English flag. Also we brought in some English food and copper coins. With the English food we had a mini picnic in the classroom. Also a priest came in to Nursery and Reception and showed them how a real wedding is done. Funnily we have a Harry and Meaghan in our class. 


As you can see in this picture we had a lot of fun


PSHE Self-Esteem advice

1. Do some exercise

2. Hug!

3. Talk to friends/ family – someone you trust

4. Take some time for yourself

5. Hobbies

6. Write down your thoughts

7. Set a goal

8. Think positively

9. Spend time with people who encourage you and make you smile

10. Persevere

11. Eat healthily but treat yourself

12. Sleep!

Class 6 did a vote to see which advise they found most important. No. 5 won with 12 votes.  By Alice and Meaghan