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In this blog,exciting and surprising facts of Mayan Everyday Life will be carefully explained to you with care and style.


Mayan men were responsible for providing food for their family. In doing this they: hunted rabbits, turkeys , deer, dog and wild boar. They also farmed crops such as: squash, pumpkin, beans, papaya, avocados, chillies, limes and sunflowers [for the seeds.]Maize was the source of their lives it was even considered sacred.

Mayan women worked tirelessly to prepare meals, fetch firewood and collect water.They also would weave tunics, cloaks and blankets. They also would dye fabric using fruits, flowers and beetles. They also stored food for the winter by drying beans corn and chilies in the sun.


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The Mayans lived a long time before us with no electricity and here are some facts about them.

  1. They made their houses out of: mud, straw and wood.
  2. They made lots of temples for their Gods [ some had six!]
  3. They had lots of ceremonial and death masks [ one may of looked like this!]
  4. The priests were the only ones who could go to school.
  5. They were brilliant beekeepers.


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mAYan Shaqs{big shaq}

Mayan women wore feathered dresses ( which were parrot feathers which wrre hunted by men). They also wore dresses called huipil  which were made my themselves by using a invention called the Back strap

Mayan Facts

Mayans mostly ate goat,maize and beans.Royals,noblemen and priests even had cold chocolate milk!

Mayans made houses out of: Mud,thatched wood and stone and many other things.

Some mayans put their children in huge holes so the children would not annoy them!

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Mayans shelter!

The Mayan homes were workplaces as well as places to eat and sleep. Their homes usually would take a very long time to make because Mayan people had to collect materials to hold the house and to keep it stable. They used materials such as thatch wood, stone and mud. The Mayans worked hard to make their shelter and they had to make a bed, a fire place and a couch.   By Faris